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Rusty II

Update 2012-01-16

After spending almost two years in foster care, Rusty found his perfect home, moving in with Anne and Kent just in time for Christmas 2011.

Rusty Video: Rusty and his chipmunk toys

From his foster mom
"After more than a year in foster care there is only one way to describe Rusty - an absolute delight.
He makes us smile on a daily basis, he is affectionate without fawning, he is irrepressibly happy and greets every morning with a "what are we doing today" attitude.
He has made the most of his time with us, discovering new activities and skills, earning his CKC and AKC Junior Earthdog Titles. He would be a great candidate for rally and possibly even agility.
Rusty has so many wonderful attributes; it is such a shame that he doesn't have a forever home to share them."

Rusty was definitely a "special needs" case with many considerations all of which have been wonderfully met by his adoptive family. He is one incredibly lucky dog

Rusty's Story

Rusty is estimated to be around six years old. He was dropped off at Toronto Animal Services (TAS) as a stray on December 14, 2009.

CBTW were notified by a supporter who spotted his listing on Petharbour and we contacted TAS but because of his handy size and lovely disposition, TAS staff were confident that they could place him once his hold period was up.

Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately), before he could be neutered and put up for adoption, Rusty developed blood in his urine and it was discovered that he had a bladder stone requiring surgery ASAP.

The cost of the surgery was beyond the TAS budget but rather than euthanize him, they contacted CBTW and Rusty was relinquished to us on January 5, 2010.

Rusty had surgery to remove two stones and was also neutered on January 7, 2010. He recovered nicely and went back for a much needed dental on January 26, 2010. He had to have 2 lower incisors and two small upper premolars removed but the rest of his teeth were in great shape under the caked on tartar. He is very amenable to having his teeth brushed so routine care will keep them that way

CBTW has a very small operating budget and the cost of Rusty's surgery hit a big hole in our treasury but with his age and personality we could not deny him a second chance at life and thanks to a small but very generous handful of supporters in Canada and the US, Rusty's medical costs were covered.

Our sincere thanks to the wonderful people who have made the kind and generous donations to Rusty's fund: