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Missy P Dinker

Missy at the shelter

Look - no tail

But what a face!

Missy P Dinker came to the notice of NABTW as a Terrier Mix in Cobden, IL. She looked very Borderish and Jo Wolf (NABTW Coordinator) put the call out for someone to identify her. Bill Kasting answered the call, visited Missy and took photos. He didn't think she was a BT, but said "She's a Marvelous little girl, and Very friendly. Her tail is docked, and she is Very leggy. I want to help her." Jo Wolf went to work getting Missy's information out to the Border Terrier List.

Meanwhile, CBTW had been contacted By Marie Claude from Nepean in Ontario. Marie and her family were considering either a Border Terrier or a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. Extensive communication between Marie and CBTW Reps ensued. The family visited Marnie Fielding, one of our Ontario Reps, and her two Borders - this just about clinched the choice for them.

As Missy's story developed I contacted Marie and asked if they might consider a BT mix, I pointed them to the pictures that Bill had taken and put them in touch with Bill. Marie took the time to think about the proposition and discussed the pros and cons both with her family and myself. The answer when it came was "yes".

What followed was a shining example of a great owner and wonderful rescue support. Marie arranged to have a 200 vari-kennel shipped to the shelter so that they could start training her for the long trek to Ontario. Jo Wolf put out the word for a volunteer to pick Missy up at the shelter and take her to St Louis airport. I arranged shipping via American Airlines priority parcel from St Louis to Boston - I was to be in Springfield MA for show and it would save the hassle of flying her across the Border (no pun intended). David Porras volunteered for the four hour round trip to get Missy to the airport and on April 16th I picked her up at Logan International Airport.

The reports on Missy's personality couldn't have been more accurate, she took everything in her stride, from the Shelter to David's home, to the airport, the flight to Boston, a night in a motel room with two borders and a Canaan dog, a day at a dog show, the 6 hour-ride to our home, meeting the rest of the gang, another night in a crate and then another car ride to meet her new family half-way between their home and ours.

Marie and her family are just the best thing that could have happened to Missy, she has been enrolled in obedience and is getting the love and guidance that will allow her to be all that she can be. None of this would have been possible without the dedication of Border Terrier lovers on both sides of the Border.

The photo of Missy with Marie's daughters under the banner they had made for the occasion says it all !!

Missy and the BTs at Pam's

Welcome home Missy

A picture is truly worth a thousand words

Update on Missy and her family

Missy completed the Beginner level at obedience school late June. She did very well even if "stay" is not something she's really good at - a likely reflection of BT in her background.

Inspired by the knowledge that there were many other dogs like Missy. Marie's kids planned a lemonade stand as a fundraiser for a local no-kill organization that places dogs in foster homes while working on their adoption.

The lemonade stand took place on a bicycle/dog- walking path just behind their home in July. The girls spent the day pressing lemons and serving lemonade. Missy joined them for most of the day as their mascot. LOL They made an amazing $36.80 in sales and donations!

Marie and the kids will deliver their donation to the shelter. Definitely a future generation of Canine Activists in the making