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Adoption Application

Please complete this application form then click on "submit" at the end.
If you do not receive a response within 2 days, please contact jansim1980@gmail.com
Fields marked with a * are required.

If you would prefer an application form that you can print out, complete and mail, please click here

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The following questions are not intended to be critical or judgmental. The answers will help us in placing a Border Terrier with you. It may even help us and you to realize that a Border Terrier is not the right breed for you. When we place a dog in a new home we want the placement to be a happy situation for you and your family as well as the dog. We also want the placement to be a permanent placement for the life of the dog (Border Terriers can live 13-18 years). Please answer all of the questions before submitting the form. There are no wrong answers so please answer honestly.
*Have you lived with or personally owned a Border Terrier before?
If the answer to the first question was "No", what made you choose a Border Terrier and what sources of information did you use to learn about the breed?
Are you looking for a Border Terrier that you can work and/or compete with in the following activities (check as many as you like):
Eathdog Tests Hunting Obedience Rally Therapy Tracking Agility Flyball
Do you have a strong preference for male or female?
No Preference
If you have a preference, please explain why.
We very rarely get puppies into rescue, mature adults and sometimes seniors are more likely.
Keeping in mind that many Border Terriers remain active into their teens, please indicate what age group you would prefer (you may select more than one age group):
Puppy Young Adult Mature Adult Senior
*Adoption fees vary depending on the age of the dog and the circumstances and may range from $0 to $1000.
Are you willing and able to pay an adoption fee?
*Are you willing to have a CBTW representative visit your home?
*Please list all the adult members of your household with their ages.
*If you have children at home or regularly visit your home please provide their ages and experience with dogs.
*Please provide information on any other pets you currently own.
*Please provide information on any dogs you have owned in the past and the circumstances under which they left your household.
*How would you describe your accommodation.
*How would you describe your location?
*Do you have a yard?
*If the answer to the above is "yes", please describe the fencing.
*If no fenced yard, how will you handle your dog's exercise and toilet needs?
*Is it important to you to walk with your dog off leash?
*If you work outside of the home, what is the maximum amount of time the dog would be left alone?
*Where would you leave the dog while you were out of the home? (you may select more than one answer):
Free run of the house Confined to part of the house Crate
Other Please specify
*What plans do you have for your dog when you go on vacation
Who will be the primary caregiver for your Border Terrier?
Please use the space below if there is anything else you would like to tell us. .

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