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Waiting Patiently

The following Border Terrier needs your support.

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Update on Gus, our latest foster dog.

Gus (now Angus) is settling into his foster (with intent to adopt) home really well.
He underwent a much needed dental on March 29th.
Thanks to the kindness of a small number of donors, we have raised a third of his expenses to date. Obviously this is quite a shortfall.
And we are nowhere near close to covering the cost of surgery to correct an untreated leg injury Surgery he needs to restore the quality of life he deserves.
Over the years we have fostered and rehomed Border Terriers of varying ages, some of whom would have been euthanized without our intervention.
And we are proud of the fact that even the tough cases, have worked out.
We have helped breeders place their difficult to rehome dogs and we have provided support to owners to enable them to deal with challenges and avoid rehoming their dogs.
We have gone about this work quietly and efficiently and perhaps it was a mistake not to make our ongoing work more public.
We have come to a moment where we need the help of the Border Terrier community, owners, breeders and admirers to help this dog and others that will follow.
It is likely that Angus' restoration to health will totally empty our treasury.
Unless we can turn this around, CBTW (and any Borders who might need our help down the road), are facing an uncertain future.
Please donate to help this boy and future BTs in Canada that need help.
E-transfer to Boomerang2002@gmail.com
PayPal to Jansim1980@gmail.com (CBTW in the description)
Cheques payable to CBTW
Mailed to:
Anna Robaczewski
906 Lombardy St.
ON K7M 9C2

Courtesy Listings

Please note, any dogs listed here are NOT currently in CBTW foster care and any adoption arrangements are strictly between the current owner, breeder, rescue organization or foster home and the potential adopters.
CBTW makes no claims and bears no responsibility in regards to the health or temperament of these dogs