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Benny is a two year-old, [recently] neutered boy currently being fostered in Nova Scotia. He has been through a lot of upheaval in his short life and we will be looking for just the right home, ideally in Nova Scotia, where we can provide ongoing support as needed.

From Benny's foster home:
A little bit about Benny
Benny is a very social dog, with other dogs but especially with people. He is intensly loving to his people, and wants to connect and bond and soak in all the love and affection. He wants to be your velcro dog.
Benny is energentic, happy and smart. He needs consistency in life, and routine. He also needs someone who is dog/terrier savvy, as he is very smart and can take advantage of certain situations.
Things about Benny:
- Loves his crate
- Catches on to routine quickly
- Enjoys sleeping in bed with you or cuddling on the couch.
- Great on leash
- Good in car in his crate.
- Polite around new dogs and people
- Loves food
- Smart and loves to learn
- Recently neutered
- Marking habit in the house has dimished since being neutered, but still occasionally lifts leg, I think more out of habit. Wears a belly band in the house because of this however I think with better supervision and routine he will stop altogether.
- Can get overly excited when playing or giving kisses, (has grabbed clothing in the past, and nibbled skin when overly excited giving kisses) It's important to manage his enthusiasm as it can get over the top quickly. These behaviors have lessened since he's been neutered.
- Loves playing with our dogs, especially our young Belgian Shepherd. He would do best with a home with who has another social, active dog.
- He is a terrier, and has the expected prey drive. Not a good candidiate for homes with cats or small critters.
I am open to helping with trials and assisting in a slow introduction to his new home. Benny has been bounced around in his living situations over his short 2 years of life and while it's been incredibly hard on him, I'm so very proud of how he's handled it all. For this reason we are looking for his FOREVER home.

Benny will need the following in his perfect home:
Someone who is Border Terrier/Terrier savvy
A securely fenced yard
Someone home most of the time
Ideally a suitable canine companion
A home configuration that will preclude his door-dashing leading to tragedy
Preferably located in Nova Scotia
If you meet these requirements and are interested in adopting Benny, please fill in an application form here

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