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Canadian Border Terrier Welfare
Who We Are and What We Do

Canadian Border Terrier Welfare is a non-profit organization. For many years we operated as an extension of North American Border Terrier Welfare (NABTW) but we are now a separate organization in the process of becoming Incorporated in Canada. Our goal is the Welfare of Border Terriers through Rescue and Education.

Classical rescue is the process of identifying, obtaining, caring for or rehabilitating, and re-homing, apparently purebred Border Terriers.
Dogs come into rescue from animal welfare shelters, animal control pounds, off the streets, or are surrendered by their owners. They require foster care or rescue-paid boarding, complex services, and sometimes the local involvement of other breeds' rescue volunteers. In the process, health (including neutering), hygiene, and social needs of the dogs are identified and met while well-matched new adoptive homes are found. These are "rescue dogs".

Rescue volunteers also spend countless hours fielding inquiries from potential owners in need of breed information as well as providing information to Border Terrier owners related to health, behavior or training. These latter two activities help prevent the future need for rescue or re-homing.

If you are thinking of adopting a Border Terrier rescue dog and are new to the breed, first do your breed research. Read The Border Terrier in Brief.

Then contact a CBTW representative. Meet some Border Terriers, if possible (your area Rep may be able to put you in touch with local owners). If you and the people you talk with agree that the BT is a good match with your household and lifestyle, then complete and submit an application form and ask to be put on the waiting list. Please be prepared to be patient. We want to ensure that there is a proper match between dog and owner and that our rescues are home to stay.

If you know of a Border Terrier that needs our assistance, be it a dog in a shelter, a found dog, or one that must be placed by its owner, please contact your area CBTW representative immediately.

Canadian Border Terrier Welfare is funded solely by caring supporters, either through adoption fees, direct donations or various fund raising projects. Please click here to discover how you can help us continue to help Borders in need.

Thank you for caring about our beloved Border Terriers!